Many donors to the the Community Foundation sought to support teachers in our community who provide educational opportunities beyond normal classroom instruction to local students. For these "above and beyond" teachers, the Foundation is pleased to offer Priscilla & Ellis D. Slater Excellence in Teaching Awards. Application deadlines and available funds are listed on our Dates & Dollars sheet.

Priscilla & Ellis D. Slater Excellence in Teaching Awards

In 1982, the Slater family left funds to the Polk County Community Foundation to be used expressly for the benefit of teachers the Polk County and Landrum community school systems, with the intention that they improve their teaching skills to benefit students.

Many teachers who used Slater awards to attend professional conferences in their field have reported that the experience was highly beneficial and helped them connect with teachers and resources that improved their classroom teaching. We encourage you to research national conferences in your field and plan ahead for the next available opportunity to attend with the help of a Slater grant. You may even apply for a conference offered in the following year, using budget estimates based on past conference costs. Please contact the Foundation with any questions about the application process or the timing of our awards. Teachers may apply for a Slater grant to create unique educational trips which enable them to bring back to the classroom their personal experiences related to the curriculum.