The Community Foundation welcomes grant applications from local organizations and scholarship applications from students residing in our community. All applications are available below in .pdf format or paper copies may be obtained at the Community Foundation's office in Tryon, North Carolina. Application deadlines and available funds are listed on our Dates & Dollars sheet

You will need a .pdf reader such as Adobe Reader in order to view and complete the applications. Please download and save applications to your own computer before entering responsesYou may type answers into most sections of the application and edit your saved .pdf file on your computer at any time. Applications may then be printed out to submit with additional materials required by each application. It is not possible to complete and submit and submit applications online. As always, you may also handwrite the information on a paper copy of the application. Please note the Additional Application Hints and Requirements at the bottom of this page.

More details about the funds described below are available in the application guidelines, on the Competitive Grants and Scholarships pages, and by contacting the Community Foundation's Director of Grants at 828-859-5314. If you have any questions or difficulties accessing the applications, please feel free to contact our office.

Additional applications and guidelines will be posted on this page as they are available.get adobe reader


Message to local nonprofit organizations: We are in the process of evaluating our competitive grant application process to better serve our community in light of COVID-19.  Please continue to contact us regarding community needs and your organization’s needs. Previously published application dates and processes are for reference only and may not be applicable in the current cycle. Please contact the Foundation for guidance.

pdfLong Form Application  (2020 Application - use for 2020 grants)

Use the Long Form Application to apply for the grant funds listed below. Guidelines for most of the grants below are included in the Long Form application:

  • Unrestricted Grants
  • Mary F. Kessler Fund Grants
  • Organizational Planning & Board Retreat Grants
  • Public Safety Organizations Grants
  • Saluda Community Fund (click for guidelines)
  • Bradley Breakthrough Grants


pdfShort Form Application (2020 Application - use for 2020 grants)

Use the Short Form Application to apply for the grant funds listed below. Click on each fund to view the grant guidelines, if applicable:



Scholarship Applications

Use the Scholarship Applications to apply for the scholarships listed below:

    High School seniors graduating with the Class of 2021 may choose to apply for scholarships using our traditional FULL application or an application called the SHORT FORM. The short form is designed for students who already know that they wish to pursue career training that will enable them to live, work, and prosper in our community. We value all students and their potential to contribute to the well-being of our community. Please review the Scholarship Instructions Cover Page document before you begin completing an application.



Other Grants & Scholarships

Please contact us for application information about other grants and scholarships not listed here.


Additional Application Hints and Requirements:

Deadlines: The deadlines listed on our “Dates & Dollars” sheet are the last possible dates to submit applications. You may set your own earlier deadline if the date posted is inconvenient. Applications may be submitted as soon as they are available on our website and in our office.

General Application Requirements: Answer every question, leaving no blanks.  Incomplete, incorrectly formatted, late, electronically delivered or faxed applications, and applications that do not follow all instructions shall not be considered for funding.  All application materials must be submitted together in one package. 

Application Format: Some sections of the application require you to fill in blanks by either completing the paper form or the electronic .pdf version available for download on our website.  Responses may be saved on the electronic version and printed out to submit with additional materials required by the application.  Recreating forms by re-typing, copying and pasting, etc., causes formatting changes that alter the original application, and make applications more difficult to process; therefore, submitting recreated forms will automatically make your application incomplete.

Application Certification: If you wish, you may schedule an appointment well in advance of the deadline with our Director of Grants.  During your appointed time, you may ask the Director of Grants to certify that your application has been turned in on time and is complete.  The Director of Grants does not have the authority to certify that incoming applications comply with all Foundation policies and IRS mandates.  Because any error will prevent this application from being considered, we recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to have your application reviewed.